So you’ve clicked on this blog link and I assume by the teaser image your now expecting to hear about our photo shoot with the very talented Chef and restauranteur Steve Martorano. We were contracted to photograph him by Caesars late last year and things went as smooth as you could hope. Our portraits of him seem to be widely used around town . . . . . but that’s not really what I want you to know about our experience with him.

It was my very first shoot over four years ago with Steve and his lovely wife, Marsha, that really told me everythingI I needed to know. He is gracious. He is humble and he is generous. We spent the better part of the afternoon photographing Steve in front of the Marquee at the Rio and lets be honest, asking anyone to keep doing the same thing over an over gets old.

Steve could not have been more gracious with all of us and after wrapping Steve and Marsha invited myself and my entire crew, assistants Hair & MU artists, everyone, up to his restaurant for dinner. Not sure what to expect we sat down with Marsha and Steve hit the kitchen. There would be no ordering, the chef was in the house. Steve sent plate after plate out to our table and we feasted on amazing dishes I don’t think I would have otherwise had the courage to order. Needless to say the food was outstanding and we were all blown away by the hospitality they showed us. Needless to say I am a fan. If you get a chance go sit down for a meal and an experience at Martorano restaurant. I am certain you will not be disappointed.