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Welcome to Studio J Inc. and our company portfolio. We are a commercial, architectural and advertising studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our passion for photography is strongly represented all throughout this web-site and I am excited for each of you to review our hard work. It represents the heart and soul of this studio. -Eric Jamison

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Staff + Portfolios

Staff + Portfolios

Staff + Portfolios: Meet the experts who capture amazing moments in time, as well as some of their personal portfolios.
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Say What???

Say What???

Follow our blog and hear the real deal about what makes a good photo, who and what's current in the industry, and what to keep an eye out for.
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Our Clientele

Our Clientele

Our Clientele: Meet the amazing brands and people that trust us, time and time again.

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LEARN. REFINE. DISCOVER. Here you can access all information about our photography workshops here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn more.


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